Sep 2022: Pakistan’s Leading Islamic Insurance Company, Pak Qatar Takaful Company Limited, chose Compass DX to Digitize the takaful experience

These days, mobile applications are widely used, which is why they are now in higher demand. Any well-known company stays behind in the competition if it lacks essential accessibility and convenience for the customer. In September 2022, Compass DX provided this renowned insurance company with digital onboarding and mobile application development to enhance their productivity and customer retention. This digital onboarding may help Pak Qatar Takaful Company with various things; some of the highlighted perks of digitizing are time-saving, fewer chances of error, less manual work, less paperwork, and improved customer accessibility. 

Therefore, it is time to get proper guidance and solutions for all your company’s digital needs. Compass DX lets you enjoy the benefit of a well-developed mobile app and software solutions.

With the new digitization system, customers of Pak Qatar can access details of their insurance, create & monitor their claims, and access online services at their fingertips.

Communication clarity is the key to a successful business; this is how any company can flourish from software development and digitalization.

Connect with Compass DX for exceptional software solutions and effortlessly boost your company’s revenue. They have a team of devoted professionals who adopt the latest technology to improve and give your company the spotlight it deserves—making your business more accessible and connecting.