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Your data safety is our business

Get a detailed view of the total performance of security apps. We enable forums and managers to make informed decisions about cybersecurity coverage and investments.

Data security for the modern enterprise

Enterprises need more accurate, impartial, and valuable indicators to support cybersecurity governance. We’re a security team preparing reports and helping them improve security performance, reduce risk, strengthen cybersecurity governance, and fulfill their goals

We’re all about a strategic approach

To guarantee that cybersecurity plans, goals, activities, and projects comply with applicable laws and regulations, we make sure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Our approach is objective a consistent with applicable laws and regulations. We review it regularly or whenever relevant laws and rules change with a keenly developed cybersecurity plan.

Our experts responsibly define, establish, and approve a cybersecurity plan to get support from the organization’s leader or a representative.

Protect your network with us

CompassDx holds expertise in providing your business with the best cybersecurity, which helps your business to experience the safety and security of clients’ and businesses’ personal information.

Our Services

Cybersecurity governance

Cybersecurity governance is essential to deal with security, which complies with regulations and achieves management goals. We help organizations deal with security and change in large and small groups with critical cloud safety reporting.

Cybersecurity Defense

Digital security is a system that protects organizations, governments, and other entities from digital attacks by detecting and preventing them without disrupting data or systems. It’s critical for safeguarding sensitive information and protecting assets in today’s complex digital landscape.

Cybersecurity Policies, And Procedures

We document and communicate requirements, check relevant laws and regulations, and establish cybersecurity policies and procedures through our cybersecurity function. We ensure compliance with technical security standards and regularly evaluate policies to stay up-to-date with changing regulations. Compass DX is well-versed in cybersecurity policies and procedures.

Periodical Cybersecurity Audit And Review

We conduct timely cybersecurity assessments to ensure compliance with organizational policies and laws, regulations, and agreements. Our cybersecurity function assesses cybersecurity controls and their implementation. Compass DX has a team of experts in periodical cybersecurity reviews and audits.
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Cybersecurity Risk Management

Our experts use methodical management to secure organizational information and technology assets from cybersecurity risks. We create customized solutions based on organizational policies, laws, regulations, and agreements. At Compass DX, we implement cybersecurity risk management processes responsibly, with a focus on confidentiality and seamless integration.

Asset Management

We ensure that the organization has an accurate inventory of information and technology assets to support cybersecurity and operational requirements. Cybersecurity policies are defined, documented, and approved for managing assets. Compass DX has expertise in asset management to meet your cybersecurity requirements error-free.

Identity And Access Management

Secure and restricted logical access to information and technology assets to prevent unauthorized access and allow only authorized access for users necessary to accomplish assigned tasks. We always make sure that:

Cybersecurity Event Logs And Monitoring Management

Compass DX has expertise in cybersecurity Event logs and Monitoring Management to help businesses with the timely collection, analysis, and monitoring of cybersecurity events to prevent or minimize the negative impacts on the organization’s operations.

Cybersecurity Incident And Threat Management

Missing out on timely identification, detection, effective management, and handling of cybersecurity incidents isn’t the case with us. We protect businesses from threats to prevent or minimize adverse impacts on the organization’s operation.

Business Continuity Management

Get your cybersecurity resiliency requirements and minimize the risks on systems, information processing facilities, and critical e-services from disasters with our expert team at Compass DX.
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Network Security Management

We pride ourselves on serving businesses with secured networks and risk-eliminating network security solutions.

Email Protection

We’re all set to protect organizations from cyber risks. Cybersecurity requirements for protecting email services must be defined, documented, and approved. Compass DX has expertise in Email Protection.

Mobile Devices Security

Get your mobile devices and gadgets protected from cyber risks and handling of the organization’s information secured with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. We help you achieve this goal with well-defined, documented, and authorized solutions.

Web Application Security

It’s time for your cybersecurity requirements for external web applications with state-of-art technology and up-to-standard solutions. Our experts mark all checkboxes to protect your website and digital presence from external threats such as phishing and cyber-attacks.

Penetration Testing

Our experts assess and evaluate the efficiency of your company’s cybersecurity defense capabilities. Our process includes simulated cyber-attacks to discover unknown weaknesses within the technical infrastructure with document penetration testing exercises.



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Secure data

Businesses and people (such as MSSPs) can protect themselves and others from the cybersecurity dangers described below by installing security solutions.

Ultimate solutions

With cyber security, make your business confident that illegal access to their network prevents the data. We help end users, corporations, and workers benefit from cybersecurity.

Quick catch, every time

It is not just detection but also mitigation and response. When an attacker succeeds, the recovery procedure can be hastened. We make customers and developers more confident in products that have solid cybersecurity solutions.
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